Springtime and Romance!

Posted on March 25th, 2013

As a life coach, I am often asked about relationship tips and romance.  Warm sunny afternoons, light breezes, the songs of the birds and a hand to hold can ignite an altogether different kind of “Spring Fever.” I don’t know many folks that don’t find themselves feeling a little friskier during late March, April and May....depending on where you live.

 Surrounded by fragrant and colorful flowers, greenery and clear blue skies, the senses seem to be on full alert. Eating outdoors, even the simplest meal tastes rich and satisfying. Romance blossoms in Spring as abundantly as the flowers. That includes falling in love with life again. Romance is just as much a state of mind as it is a physical reality. Share the season with a loved one and experience the wonderful setting nature provides this time of year. Plan a picnic, visit a park, go to a festival or fair, find a new place to sit and people-watch. Work side by side in the yard or garden and take time out for a kiss or a hug. Attend an outdoor concert together. Plant a rose bush for each other. Spring is a good time to share a spa weekend together. Shop for some new warm-weather clothes for each other. Share a waterside picnic or meal together at sunset. Visit a state park and take a short hike.

Go some place together you have never been and make new memories. Plan to renew your wedding vows on your anniversary....in private or with friends present. Create a romantic love nest in your bedroom with fresh linens, candlelight, music, nice scents and favorite finger foods and beverages on a tray. Visit an ethnic restaurant together and pretend you’re out of the country for a few hours. Spend a whole Saturday doing your favorite things, eating your favorite foods and enjoying the pleasure of each other’s company. Read out loud to each other before bedtime. Sneak off together to a cozy coffee shop in the middle of the afternoon for a chat. Be creative in designing your Spring romance!

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