The Big P: Procrastination

Posted on May 10th, 2013

All of us joke about it....putting things off.  We have a list of things we want to do or that we intend to do SOMEDAY.  Time passes and we just never get around to it.  While some procrastination is not bad, a life full of it can indicate a bigger problem.  Putting off chores can make them even worse by the time you get around to them.  Before deciding to put something off until another time, consider the consequences.  Sometimes it is best to just do it now!

Some people start things, but just never finish them.  There are unfinished sewing projects, stamp collections, scrapbooks and even half-written letters sitting on someone’s desk at this very moment somewhere.  Some people let career opportunities pass them by because they put off making a phone call, sending a resume or asking a question.  Others neglect relationships, their health or their home.

This is not an uncommon problem.  It happens to all of us every now and then.  Life gets busy and we neglect what isn’t absolutely crucial to our survival.

There are a few techniques which can help anyone with learning to deal with procrastination.

>Keeping a daily list of “things to do” and making sure they are all crossed off and completed by the end of the day is a good start.

>Notice how many times you put off doing certain chores or tasks.  Write it down and analyze why you are doing this.

>Make an effort to follow through on projects, tasks and chores.  Complete each one with 100% effort.  Notice how happy you feel when each task is completed.

>Break undesirable tasks down into 15 minute sessions.  You can handle 15 minutes of displeasure.

>Keep a list of undone projects and tasks in full view during the day.  You won’t be as likely to just “forget” to do them.

>Reward yourself for following through on chores and projects.

>Try to look at the dreaded task through new eyes. Is there a fun way to do it? Is there a more creative way to accomplish your goal?

>Break the task down into small mini-steps. Do a mini-step each day.

>If you need help, ask for it.

>Commit to the project verbally to another person.  This can apply pressure to help you finish the project.

>Learn to say “no” to chores and favors and tasks that will overload your schedule.

>Visualize yourself completing the project or doing the chore or task.  Feel how happy you will be when it is done.  See yourself easily moving through the task without pain or obstacles.

>Remain conscious of your commitments and promises.

>Deal with procrastination urges as they happen.

Hopefully, these techniques will help you deal with procrastination so that it wont keep you from being all you could be!

“Nothing is as fatiguing as the continued hanging on of an uncompleted task.”

-----William James

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